NDIS Assessments

Your child may require assessment reports to support NDIS access and reviews. Our NDIS reports vary in length and complexity depending on your child’s individual needs. 

Please submit a request to our team for more information on the type of assessment that may be appropriate for you.

NDIS Access Report

You may require an NDIS access report when requesting support from the NDIS for the first time or when transitioning out of the Early Childhood Approach. Our team of allied health professionals will support your application by completing a range of assessments outlining your child’s abilities when participating in their day-to-day tasks. Our therapists will work with you to highlight appropriate areas for assessment in order to address the NDIS eligibility requirements.

NDIS Review Report

You may be involved in an NDIS review when your child’s plan expires or if a change of circumstances has led you to require a change in funding. Our therapists will use assessment tools to highlight your child’s current abilities and to outline ongoing areas of need. All NDIS reports are written with a focus on your child’s day-to-day participation.

Functional Capacity Assessment

Throughout your NDIS journey you may be required to provide substantial evidence of the impact of your child’s disability on their daily life. A functional capacity assessment (FCA) provides a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s ability to participate in day-to-day activities and outlines the supports they require.

Our occupational therapists use a range of tools to outline your child’s current skills across a variety of tasks:

  • Interviews:  Information is gathered from key people in your child’s life regarding their participation (e.g., caregivers, coaches, teachers)
  • Formal Assessment: Assessment tools are used to investigate specific areas of development (e.g., motor skills, sensory processing skills)
  • Dynamic Observation: Your OT will engage your child in a range of day-to-day tasks in order to identify the types of support required (e.g., getting dressed, using stairs, writing)
  • Report Writing: Key areas of functional capacity will be outlined within a comprehensive report
  • Report Unpacking:  The OT will meet with you to discuss the assessment results and to support you with next steps