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  • April Adventure (Ages 6 – 7 years) 

    April Adventure (Ages 6 – 7 years) 

    Join the Rainbow Fish under the sea!
    Dive into the excitement of our 'Under the Sea' themed program, where we embark on exciting adventures alongside the Rainbow Fish!

    Sessions are delivered in an intensive one-on-two format with your child and an allied health therapist.

    6 x 1 hour session themed program run by a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist
    Maximum 4 children per group


    • Session cost: $145.49 per person (inclusive of 1 hour face-to-face and ¼hrs non-face-to-face time)
    • An optional 1 hr progress report can be provided on completion of the program (i.e. for NDIS review purposes).
    • For new clients wanting to participate in the program, one of our therapists will need to complete an intake phone call with the child’s parent/caregiver.
    • Total Cost: $ 872.94 + Intake Consultation for new clients + the optional progress report if desired