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  • Sensory Explorers

    Sensory Explorers

    Tailored for young adventurers, this program is a magical journey of sensory processing. Guided by our amazing occupational therapists, participants engage in hands-on activities designed to enhance their sensory experiences and encourage exploration of new sensations. Sensory Explorers offers a supportive space where children can explore a world of sensory wonders under the careful guidance of our therapists.

    Targeting: Sensory experiences, social interaction, regulation

    Ages: 5-9

    Duration: 1h

  • Building Blocks

    Building Blocks

    Dive into creativity and growth with our Building Blocks program. Building Blocks uses the magic of Lego to enhance motor skills, coordination, executive functioning, and social interaction. Led by our fabulous allied health practitioners, participants embark on a journey where every brick becomes a building block for both imagination and development. Engage in hands-on activities that promote strategic thinking, fine motor skills, and teamwork. Building Blocks is not just about constructing with Lego; it’s about building essential life skills in a supportive and playful environment.

    Targeting: Motor skills, executive functioning, social interaction

    Ages: 8-12

    Duration: 1h

  • AAC Parent Training

    AAC Parent Training

    Elevating communication together! Our AAC Parent Training program is tailored to empower parents in supporting their child’s communication journey. Through interactive educational sessions led by our experienced speech pathologists, parents will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance their child’s use of AAC. From understanding the technology to encouraging your child to use their device, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. The adventure doesn’t end there! The highlight of the program will be the family field trip to Lone Pine Sanctuary, where parents have the unique opportunity to support their child’s AAC use in a fun and educational environment. Watch as connections deepen and communication flourishes amidst the wonders of wildlife and nature.

    Targeting: AAC use, communication

    Ages: Parents of children of all ages

    Duration: 1-2hrs

  • Board Games Social Club

    Board Games Social Club

    Level up your social skills with our Board Game Social Club. Step into a world of fun, strategy, and meaningful connections with our Board Game Social Club, specially crafted to develop essential social emotional skills. Gather with fellow enthusiasts in a welcoming environment where every roll of the dice and strategic move sparks opportunities for growth. Led by our brilliant allied health practitioners, this interactive group offers a diverse selection of board games that encourage teamwork, communication, and empathy. From cooperative challenges that build teamwork to games designed to explore essential social emotional skills, each session is a journey of discovery and skill building.

    Targeting: Social emotional skills, regulation skills, social interaction

    Ages: 9-13

    Duration: 1h

  • Girl Power

    Girl Power

    Join our empowering Girl Power program designed exclusively for pre-teen and teen girls, where building social connections, self-esteem, and self-confidence takes centre stage. Led by a team of dedicated allied health practitioners, Girl Power provides a supportive environment for girls to flourish. Engage in activities that promote teamwork, self-expression, and personal growth, fostering a sense of camaraderie and empowerment. From interactive activities to fun-filled group projects, Girl Power is a celebration of each girl’s unique strengths.

    Targeting: Social interaction, self-confidence, self-esteem, social emotional skills

    Ages: 11-16

    Duration: 1-2hrs

  • Teen Traveller

    Teen Traveller

    Embark on a unique adventure with our Teen Traveller program, designed to inspire independence, confidence, and life skills in your teenager. Led by our adventurous allied health professionals, this community-based initiative encourages teens to actively plan, prepare, and participate in exciting activities. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt, bowling, mini-golf, or exploring the city, Teen Travellers provides a supportive environment where young people can build their independence, life skills, and confidence. Teen Travellers is operated in small groups with one allied health professional per two participants.

    Targeting: Community access, independence, social engagement, life skills

    Ages: 13-17

    Duration: 5 hours

  • Literacy Lab

    Literacy Lab

    Unleash the power of literacy with our Literacy Lab holiday program! Join us for a unique adventure in reading and writing, guided by the principles of the Sounds-Write program. Led by our talented speech language pathologists, participants will immerse themselves in engaging activities designed to develop literacy skills. The Literacy Lab program offers a dynamic learning environment, where participants not only discover the connection between sounds and letters but also build the foundational skills crucial for confident reading and writing. Sessions are delivered in an intensive one-on-one format.

    Targeting: Literacy, reading, writing, letters, sounds

    Ages: 7-17

    Duration: 1h

  • Easter Craft Creations

    Easter Craft Creations

    Embark on an Easter craft extravaganza with our Easter Craft Creations program! Dive into the Easter spirit with a program designed to nurture fine motor skills and foster social interaction. Little hands will delight in the joy of crafting as they create adorable Easter-themed masterpieces. Our program encourages creative expression while enhancing fine motor development and social skill practice in a supportive environment, where every stroke of the paintbrush and shared laughter contribute to a memorable Easter celebration.

    Targeting: fine motor skills, social interaction, language skills

    Ages: 7-12

    Duration: 1h

  • Culinary Adventures

    Culinary Adventures

    Elevate your culinary prowess with our Culinary Adventures program. Ready to take your cooking skills to the next level? Our intermediate program is crafted for those seeking a deeper understanding of the culinary arts. Delve into more advanced techniques, explore new flavours, and get creative! Join us for an immersive experience and turn your love for cooking into a culinary masterpiece.

    Targeting: Independence, functional skills, social skills, sensory exposure, fine motor skills

    Ages: 12-16

    Duration: 1-2hrs 

  • Kitchen Beginnings

    Kitchen Beginnings

    Ignite the passion for cooking with our Kitchen Beginnings program – the perfect starting point for aspiring chefs! Tailored for beginners, this hands-on cooking experience introduces essential kitchen skills around the joy of creating delicious dishes from scratch. Our Kitchen Beginnings program provides a supportive and interactive environment for young people taking their first steps in the culinary world.

    Targeting: Independence, functional skills, social skills, sensory exposure, fine motor skills

    Ages: 8-11

    Duration: 1-2hrs

  • Food Explorers

    Food Explorers

    Dive into the culinary wonderland with our Food Explorers program – a delightful holiday adventure for young participants! Designed to spark an interest in food and eating, this hands-on experience invites little chefs to explore different foods, learn easy introductory kitchen skills, and embark on a journey of taste and texture exploration. From discovering new flavours to sharing new social experiences, our Food Explorers program creates a fun atmosphere where participants can connect through the cooking.

    Targeting: Social Skills, sensory exposure, functional skills, fine motor skills

    Ages: 5-7

    Duration: 1h