Prep4Prep @ Mancel College

Prep4Prep@Mancel College is a 4-session program developed and led by Bright Door Allied Health Therapists designed to equip parents and support children in the transition from kindy or home to Prep.

Your child will be supported one-on-one by our Therapists (I.e. Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, etc) throughout the group activities.

Students will attend four sessions that replicate the school day, including:

  • Drop off and separation from parent or caregiver
  • Greeting teachers and friends for the day
  • Entering the classroom for learning
  • Interactive activities in the classroom setting
  • Transitioning to break and play time.
  • Exploring and playing with friends at school
  • Transitioning out of the classroom to home
  • Reuniting with parent or caregiver

All sessions are 90 minutes long to ease new Preppies into their exciting new school life as Preppies at Mancel College.

Prep4Prep@Mancel College 

Wednesday, 3 January – Session 1
Timeslot 1: 8.30am
Timeslot 2: 11.00am 

Thursday, 4 January – Session 2
Timeslot 1: 8.30am
Timeslot 2: 11.00am 

Wednesday, 10 January – Session 3
Timeslot 1: 8.30am
Timeslot 2: 11.00am 

Thursday, 11 January – Session 4
Timeslot 1: 8.30am
Timeslot 2: 11.00am 

The cost for all four student sessions is $580 per child, paid in advance of the first session.

Please note this is not claimable through NDIS.

Enrol in Prep4Prep now (please complete this form, you’ll receive a Prep4Prep intake form to complete and we’ll confirm your schedule):